Competitive California Commercial Auto Insurance

How many factors do you think affect how much you pay for your California commercial auto insurance? The answer is that dozens of issues influence the cost. For example:

  • How frequently your commercial vehicles are used
  • How far they travel
  • Who drives them
  • What is being transported
  • And More!

How, how many insurance brokers do you think know them all, know how to customize protection that exactly meet the needs of your business, and know how to get the best deal for you?

Well, we know of at least one – PHD Insurance Brokers, the name you can trust to ensure that your business is effectively safeguarded by insuring your business vehicles properly at some of the most competitive prices in the state.

You Can Trust Us To Protect You

We’ve been doing just that for 50 years, and many businesses and other organizations trust us for the best service and support in the commercial auto insurance market.

We provide business vehicle coverage for the widest possible range of risks including liability, medical costs, loss of use, collision, uninsured at-fault drivers, rental or borrowed vehicles. We can even protect your employees when they use their own auto for business purposes.

But tailoring a California commercial auto insurance policy for you is just the start. We can use factors like business location, employee driving records, vehicle types, safety and alarm equipment, as well as traditional features like deductible levels, to negotiate and secure those competitive rates.

PHD Insurance Brokers Makes It Fast And Easy

The good news is that you hardly have to do a thing to get this deal. Just by completing the simple and free Quote Request Form, you’ll set PHD Insurance experts to work on customizing your commercial auto insurance protection.

There’s absolutely no commitment on your part. We’re so sure we have the service, the experience, the contacts and the support you need, we can let our expertise and reputation speak for us.

Just complete the Quote Request Form now, and start protecting your business today!