Local Couple Loses Home After Normally Friendly Dog Bites a Neighbor’s Child!

Tom and Joan got King when he was just a puppy. They raised him, trained him, took him on vacations. They could never have children, so Kind was their family. He was one of the finest setters they had ever seen. They celebrated his fifth birthday in August 2016. He didn’t have a vicious bone in his body…or so they thought.

One afternoon in September, Billy, the adorable red-headed freckled four year old from next door wandered into Tom and Joan’s back yard, just as he had done many times before. King must have been having a really bad day because normally he loved to play with Billy. Not that day. When Billy got near the dog, King ripped into Billy’s face, biting him ferociously, ripping at his nose. Fortunately, Billy’s dad was next door and hearing his little boy’s screams, came running. It was too late. Blood was gushing everywhere. They were able to re-attach Billy’s nose but the scars would be permanent.

One day in November, Tom picked up the mail at the post office and found a certified letter from a big law firm. He and Joan were being sued for a million dollars by Billy’s parents. They called their insurance agent. They went to court in March, and the jury awarded Billy’s parents $875,000.

Tom and Joan’s homeowners insurance company paid the full policy limit of $100,000. Okay. What about the other $775,000 they still owed. Well, they had $13,000 in savings, and their house was worth $500,000 both of which they lost to Billy’s parents’ lawyers, and they still owed $262,000. Every week a chunk of Tom’s paycheck is garnished to go to the lawyers.

Tom and Joan lost their home, their savings, and a good chunk of their income. All of this could have been avoided for about $150 – $200 a year if Tom and Joan had an Umbrella Insurance Policy

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