Leland J. Hendrie, CLU

President of PHD Insurance Brokers Inc.

Phone 1-(800) 640-4743

Allow me to tell you my story. For over fifty years I have rubbed shoulders, shared board tables and lunched with thousands of great people. You see, time has a way of quietly seasoning one. Many years now, it has been repeatedly observed by those closest to me that others are drawn to me to seek my business counsel and insight. To me, each of these opportunities gave me an opportunity to help. From this I have discovered they are a compilation of a higher life’s purpose. This discovery was lying quietly in the shadows of my career and my spirit was renewed and awakened. I have been, very happily, labeled a wise professor by my peers. I am no different than you. I have had extensive practical business experience that has sharpened my skills along the way and have found that my clients, employees and peers have benefited from time spent sharing those experiences. Sure, I grew up with a father who owned an insurance agency. I’ve studied insurance in college, obtained professional designations, attended countless classes & seminars, managed employees for over 50 years – but, all these experiences would mean nothing if they remained unspoken. So, my story ends with a beginning – I have renewed commitment to my family, my clients, my employees, and my peers to spend more time answering questions and giving more of myself than I receive. This wise professor is here to make the insurance business a more professional experience. I will be more understandable to the public, empower my employees, and help all those who stop to talk to me along the way. My humble thanks to my closest friends who made me stop and see this great discovery.
Leland Hendrie