When Do You Need High Value Homeowners Insurance?

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to rebuild your home or repair damage caused by a flood? Would it surprise you to discover that your standard homeowners insurance might not be fully up to the task? Are you worried? Does your exceptional home need the special protection of high value homeowners insurance?

You should talk to PHD Insurance Brokers, the insurance experts for Southern California. For no charge and with absolutely no commitment, we can review your property insurance needs, check if you are adequately covered, and identify the best, competitive prized protection to suit your needs.

It’s Important to Have an Expert Protect Your High Value Home

Despite the real estate price rout in California, the cost of rebuilding and repairing has barely changed and unless you’ve reviewed this recently, you may find you need the comprehensive additional protection that high value homeowners insurance coverage provides. It not only protects you against full value rebuild and repair costs, but can also raise the coverage limit on standard homeowners insurance for valuables. High value homeowners insurance also extends protection to areas not normally covered in a standard policy. Losses resulting from sewer backups, domestic equipment failures, and damage to adjoining property are some examples of protection extensions.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Maybe you already recognize your need for high value homeowners insurance. We’ll discuss your needs in detail and customize the protection you require.
  • You’re not sure if you’re standard homeowners policy is sufficient or your existing high value home insurance is right for you. We’ll review it with you and let you know.
  • Perhaps you don’t have any type of homeowners insurance and need help deciding. PHD has the answers.

Whatever your situation may be, take the important first step now to ease your concerns. Click Here and complete our free, high value homeowners insurance quote request form or CALL US at 1-800-640-4743. So don’t delay, request your quote for no charge today!