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Restaurant Owners

While you’re serving up some of the best restaurant meals in the neighborhood, is one of your customers serving you with a menu of complaints culminating in an expensive lawsuit that could put you out of business?

Legal actions like this cost U.S. restaurateurs tens of millions of dollars every year and, without adequate restaurant insurance, are oftentimes cited as the culprit in bankruptcy proceedings.

If you are in the California restaurant business, you’ll know that this type of lawsuit is just one of multiple risks you face ranging from employee theft and card fraud through to fire and storm damage perils that can sideline your business for weeks or months.

PHD Insurance Brokers has Your Solution!

With restaurant insurance from the experts at PHD Insurance Brokers, you can put worries like that on the back burner and focus on your own area of expertise.

We’ve been providing business insurance at highly competitive rates in California since the 1960’s, and we’ve stayed one step ahead of all the challenges and changes facing restaurateurs including business legislation, liquor laws and food hygiene and safety regulations. So we have the knowledge and skills to tailor restaurant insurance coverage to the shape of your business.

Whether you own a fast-food, drive-thru or an a la carte fine dining establishment, or anything in between, we can customize coverage to protect you against the risks you face by providing some of the best restaurant insurance in California.

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