Do you have an insurance problem and don’t know where to turn?

Nationally Recognized California Insurance Broker Exposes The Truth About Insurance Company Advertising Tricks

“Free information for Southern California insurance buyers before you ask an Insurance Company for a premium quotation.”

(Garden Grove, CA.)
– Insurance broker Lee Hendrie, says that he is “sick and tired of insurance companies offering to save you money by getting a premium quotation directly from them and bypassing the experienced insurance broker.”  He is fed up with insurance companies that give no useful information before offering you an insurance quotation.  Why do those insurance companies try to treat “your insurance protection” as just another commodity like the gas or milk you buy? (Isn’t it difficult enough to know what to buy without receiving any advice whatsoever?) Hendrie wrote “How to Protect Yourself and Your Family With Today’s Insurance” and “How to Protect Yourself and Your Business with Today’s Insurance” books.  These books provide a practical guide on how to reduce your insurance risk and protect your assets.  It is chuck-full of ideas and tips that the non-insurance minded person can understand.  He gives straight answers to the nagging questions most people have about insurance.

Insurance companies want to “close the deal” before you get any advice on what do you really need to protect your assets and loved ones.

Reading these books may help you decide on what insurance you need to buy without being sold something that doesn’t fit you!

Hendrie has also written two new reports:

“11 Ways to Save Money On Your Car Insurance”

“11 Ways to Save Money on Your Homeowners Insurance”

You get immediate answers to your questions without the pressure from the insurance company’s salesperson. In fact, reading these books or reports reveals why you should talk to a broker who will take the time to understand your needs and then help you get the insurance protection.