Protect Your Wedding From The Unexpected

In the excitement of planning your wedding, rehearsal dinner and all the other fun things you do at the time of your wedding or friend’s wedding, the most overlooked thing is the Wedding Insurance to cover this fantastic event.

“What is Wedding Insurance, I’ve never heard of it,” asked Chelsea as she and her wedding planner reviewed her big day’s checklist. Well, permit me to tell you. After the announcement of the engagement and then the announcement of the wedding date, the wedding planning begins. As with all weddings, you line up the location for the ceremony, then the location of the reception, following with the location of the rehearsal dinner, and ending with the honeymoon location. In between all those activities, you probably aren’t seeing what else is going on and that only the father of the bride does.

First, the father of the bride starts putting up deposits on everything. For example, the wedding dress, the location of the wedding and then the deposit on the location of the reception and rehearsal dinner. Did you ever asked yourself what happens to those deposits if the wedding doesn’t happen? In almost all cases, poor old dad loses his deposits. This is one of the reasons you obtain wedding insurance. The first $1,000 of coverage is in the base policy with the option of buying up to $10,000 to cover the loss of deposits.

Now let’s say the wedding takes place as planned. First, you have the rehearsal dinner and many times you will be asked to show proof of general liability coverage. You may also find out that some of the wedding participants like to have a few drinks and some a lot of drinks. Then, you have someone leave the rehearsal dinner with a few drinks in their system and get into an accident. Guess what now? You could have a huge liquor law liability problem since the liquor was consumed at the rehearsal dinner. Many people aren’t aware of this.

And what about all those wedding gifts? What about the damage to the wedding attire? What about the wedding photography and videography?  What if the gifts are stolen? Where do you go to find insurance coverage that will pay for the loss of all those valuable gifts? What about the special jewelry that is often used that is owned by someone else? What if the jewelry isn’t scheduled on the father’s homeowners insurance and gets lost or stolen? Wouldn’t you want to have all of this covered in case something doesn’t go as planned?

As you can see, wedding insurance is essential for any wedding and it can be purchased at a very low premium. See us today for a quote on your upcoming special day. Click Here for your FREE no-obligation Wedding Insurance Quote or call us at 1-714-534-6310!