Get the Right California Workers Compensation Insurance

What if your phone rings in the next few minutes with the news that one or a group of your employees have been seriously injured in a workplace accident? You hopefully take swift remedial action. But if you don’t have workers compensation insurance, you’ll probably end up in court, maybe in jail, and likely out of business.

If you don’t have workers compensation insurance, you’re not only breaking the law in California, you’re also putting everything you’ve worked for at risk. Whether you’ve been in business one day or 100 years, whether you employ one person or one hundred thousand, you must have workers compensation insurance to protect the earnings and medical costs of employees and to protect yourself from lawsuits.

You Need the Advice of an Expert

Even if you have insurance, how do you know you have the best deal and exactly the right terms? For example, do the size and structure of your workforce, changes in ownership and even your business activity affect your coverage and the rates you pay? You bet they do. So, whether you already have protection or not, you should be talking to the workers compensation insurance experts in California, PHD Insurance Brokers. Backed by 50 years of service in the Southern California business community, we have the in-depth expertise, the broad experience and the widest network in insurance providers to deliver the protection you need at the most competitive rates.

Our coverage provides all the mandatory benefits workers compensation laws require: medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits or vocational rehabilitation and death benefits.

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